To celebrate Courtney’s birthday in London, you can use London theme ideas to decorate your party. You can paint a backdrop of the city with a crown, and use a Sharpie to fill in the crowns. You can also create a cocktail bar with an Alcotraz or Prison theme.

Alcotraz cocktail bar

The Alcotraz cocktail bar, located in east London, is the latest addition to the bar scene. Its name is a criminal pun on a famous American prison. As part of the immersive experience, guests are required to wear orange jumpsuits and must sneak past a fleet of prison guards. In the process, they will make four personalised cocktails. According to the website, the immersive experience is inspired by popular stories about the notorious bootlegger Clyde Cassidy.

The Alcotraz theme has become increasingly popular, with the prison making a comeback in popular American entertainment. Films like Orange Is the New Black have tapped into this wildly successful theme. In some ways, the experience is glamorized – making profit out of the suffering of inmates.

The Alcotraz prison themed cocktail bar is an immersive, theatrical experience. The bar’s orange jumpsuits and metal cells are made to resemble a prison and make it feel like you’re in a prison. The inmates must smuggle in liquor from their cells to make the drinks they order. As such, the menu is a bespoke creation based on the type of liquor that inmates bring from their prison.

There are several ways to incorporate Alcatraz as a cocktail bar theme. Some venues have a nod to the name, such as the two bars in Zagreb, Croatia. Others, like the Alcatraz Music Bar in Hungary, are themed after the prison. Another popular Alcatraz-themed bar is the Alcatraz Penal Bar in Davao City, Philippines. It uses the silhouette of the famous prison as its logo.

Prison-themed cocktail bar

If you’re looking for an exciting London bar where you can dress up as a prisoner, then you’ll want to check out Orange Jumpsuit Cocktail Bar in London. This bar requires its guests to dress in orange jumpsuits and enjoy cocktails in jail cells. The overall experience is theatrical and very different from the usual cocktail bar.

The prison-themed Alcotraz cocktail bar in east London is not without controversy, with charity groups accusing it of being poor taste and fetishising misfortune. The three-month pop-up bar is inspired by the notorious San Francisco prison where some of the worst felons of the 20th century spent their time.

The bar is located in an old prison and is designed to be a speakeasy. You can smuggle your own alcohol to drink in the cell, but you need to be sneaky and impress the bootlegging gang to get inside. The cocktail menu isn’t extensive, but you’ll find enough to satiate your thirst.

The Alcotraz Cell Block Two One Two is a theatrical prison-themed cocktail bar in Shoreditch. Visitors must wear orange jumpsuits and smuggle in alcoholic beverages past the warden. If they succeed, they’ll be rewarded with a bespoke cocktail.

The Brick Lane bar aims to recreate the atmosphere of a prison by serving you bespoke cocktails. The menu is created based on the liquor and brandy that inmates would smuggle in. During your session, you’ll be served drinks made of different ingredients, including fresh fruits, berries, and homemade bitters.

Another London bar themed after prisons is Alcotraz. It consists of a row of metal-bar cells and graffiti written by former inmates. Founder Sam Shearman, 27, created the concept and paired immersive theatre with world-class mixology. Although the concept evokes images of fictional prisons from movies, it’s not meant to mock the penal system.

To experience this bar, you’ll first need to book tickets. At the prison, you’ll receive an orange jumpsuit and an inmate number. Once there, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to live in a jail cell for an hour and a half. You can also get souvenirs at the prison’s Prison Commissary.


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