To take photos out of a hidden album, you have to unlock it using a password or biometrics. Once you’ve done that, you can move the photo to a password-protected Notes app. In this article, you’ll learn how to unlock a photo or video.

Unhide a photo or video to take it out of hidden album

You can unhide a photo or video from a hidden album in the Photos app on your iPhone. First, you should open the Photos app. Then, find the photo or video you want to hide. It will likely be in the For You section or under the Photos tab. Tap the Overflow icon to reveal a multi-selection menu. From there, tap Unhide. The photo or video will be moved to a hidden album and be listed under the Utilities tab of the Albums tab.

Unhiding a photo or video is easy. Simply go to the album you want to remove the photo or video from and choose “Edit Album.” Select the album you want to remove the photo or video from. Then, tap the Unhide button to remove the photo or video from its hiding place. You will be prompted to enter a password to unlock the hidden album. If you don’t have a login password, enter your Apple ID or password to unlock the hidden album. If you’d prefer to do it manually, just press Command-L to open the Hidden album and tap the Unhide option.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to view your hidden photos and videos. If you have an Apple ID on your iPhone, you can sign in to your Apple ID in order to view your hidden photos and videos. Once you’ve done this, you’re free to view and remove the hidden photo or video from your device. The next time you need to view an old photo or video, you can simply unlock it.

Apple has made it easy to hide photos and videos in the Photos app. To hide or unhide a photo or video, navigate to the Albums tab on the Photos app. From here, select the item you want to hide and toggle “Show Hidden Album” on the toggle to reveal it again.

Hide a photo or video in iOS is similar to hiding a photo or video in Google Photos. The only difference is that you have to enable the feature for every picture individually, and there’s no bulk hiding option. The hide feature is available only in iOS 8 and newer. It’s compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch.

Unlock it with a passcode or biometrics

Using Face ID or a passcode to unlock a hidden photo album is an easy way to protect your pictures. However, you can also add a fingerprint or set an alternate appearance. To do this, go to the Photos app and tap the three dots at the top right corner.

When using biometric authentication to unlock a hidden photo album, you must first install the biometric authentication software. Then, you need to use your biometrics to verify that you are the owner of the photo album. Apple has plans to add biometric authentication to the Photos app in the near future.

You can use either passcodes or biometrics to unlock a hidden photo album on the iPhone. Using biometrics or a passcode will ensure that only you can access the hidden album. It’s easy to do, and will prevent your friends and family from accessing private photos.

iOS 16 offers the option of biometric locks on deleted and hidden photo albums. It’s a small change but makes hidden photo albums much more secure. The feature is similar to Android’s Locked Folder feature. Before you decide on biometric authentication, it’s best to understand what it is and how it can help your privacy.

Using biometrics to unlock a hidden photo album is much more secure and easier than ever before. Just select the photo or video you want to hide and enter the security lock – either biometrics or a passcode – before you can view it.

Move it to a password-protected Notes app

If you want to password-protect your photos, you can move them out of the hidden album to the Notes app. This way, you can only view the photos that you’ve password-protected. The photos are still in their original dimensions and quality. You can also add multiple photos to a note.

To password-protect your notes, tap the lock icon on the bottom right. You’ll be asked to enter a password or hint when you first open the file, which will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the files. To read the notes, you can then tap the note.

If you don’t have a password for your Notes app, you can also use the “Share” button to hide your hidden album. However, you can’t lock these photos without a password, so you need to use a third-party app or the Notes app to lock your pictures.

Locking a note is easy on the iPhone. Tap the share button, and the menu will appear. Once there, tap the Lock Note button and type in a password. Afterwards, you’ll see a list of options. You can then choose the password that you want to lock the note with.

Once you’ve finished the process, you can move photos out of hidden album to password-protected Notes app. This way, you can protect your photos without worrying about your personal information. Besides, you can lock your notes as well.


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