If you’ve been wondering how to get more candy for Pokemon, then you’re not alone. There are a number of ways to obtain more candy for your Pokemon. Some of these methods include Hatching eggs, Evolving your Pokemon, and Giving your buddy Poffins. Let’s explore a few of the best ways to get more candy for Pokemon.

Hatching eggs

The best way to increase the amount of Candy that you can get from hatching Pokemon eggs is to use a Pinap Berry. This item doubles the amount of Candy that you receive when hatching a Pokemon. The Candy that you receive from the Pinap Berry is also very beneficial for evolved Pokemon. If you have Tier 3 Pokemon, you can get twenty Candy from a single Pinap berry.

Another way to increase your Candy is to hatch more eggs. When you have a large amount of eggs to hatch, you can use an unlimited incubator to get them all at once. This incubator is available to all players and allows you to hatch eggs faster than with any other type of incubator. The other two incubators have a limited number of uses each, but the unlimited incubator is the best choice if you want to hatch 2km eggs in a matter of minutes. Also, you can take advantage of special events to speed up the hatching process.

Aside from the standard egg types, there are also two kilometer, five kilometer, and ten kilometer eggs that can be found in Pokestops and gifts. You can also obtain a seven kilometer egg if you receive a gift from a friend. These eggs contain a pink or yellow egg. Lastly, there are Strange 12 kilometer eggs that can be obtained by beating the leader of Team Go Rocket. There is also a bonus storage that you can purchase to hold three eggs at one time.

There are many ways to increase your chances of getting better Pokemon from eggs, but a popular way is through visiting Pokestops and collecting candy. Achieving these goals will help you earn more candy and increase the chances that you’ll receive rare and shiny Pokemon. You can also try to farm more candy by hatching more eggs.

Evolving Pokemon

If you want to improve your Pokemon, you’ll need more candy to evolve them. Each new evolution provides better CP and HP, and the result is a stronger Pokemon. However, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of candy to reach the maximum level needed to evolve each Pokemon. You can acquire additional Candy by performing certain actions such as using a Lure Module or performing a Buddy Pokemon action. The amount of candy you need to evolve each Pokemon varies depending on the size of your Pokemon family.

The process of evolution is a very important part of Pokemon Go. You can use Candy to catch Pokemon, hatch them and evolve them. But you need to choose wisely! Do not evolve Pokemon with more than one evolutionary form! Choose the one that can evolve the most quickly. In addition, if you can catch multiple evolutionary forms, it’s best to wait until you have enough Candy.

You should also consider the trainer level of your Pokemon. This is because more powerful Pokemon will evolve when their trainer level is higher. This means that it’s better to wait until you’ve reached the highest level before spending Candy to evolve your Pokemon. You can also take advantage of online services to purchase more Candy for your evolving Pokemon.

Another way to get more Candy for evolving Pokemon is to trade. You can trade your Pokemon for a discount. In most cases, you’ll get one Candy for trading. And if you’re looking for extra ways to boost your Candy supply, you can use a Lure Module. This way, you can make the most of the appearance of your Pokemon.

Depending on your goals, you may want to use your Pokemon for PVP or raids or use them for Evolution. In some cases, you’ll also need Candy for Second Charged Attack or purifying your Shadow Pokemon. Many Research tasks require these tasks. And as more features are added, your Pokemon will become even more powerful.

There are two main types of Candy in Pokemon GO. One type is required for evolution, and the other requires more Candy than others. Pokemon that evolve with the same type will need twice as many. If you’re looking to evolve a Mythical Pokemon, you’ll need to collect a lot of candy to make it possible.

Feeding berries to gym defenders

When you feed berries to Gym Defenders in Pokemon Go, you will be able to get more Candy and Stardust for your Pokemon. This is part of the game’s new motivation system. In the game, defenders have motivation stats, which control when they get kicked out of a gym. Defending Pokemon lose their motivation over time, and it can become very low if they lose a gym battle.

When you are feeding Pokemon at a gym, you can feed them with any type of berry, including the Golden Razz Berry. All of these berries will increase your Pokemon’s motivation, but some of them are stronger than others. If you feed your Pokemon with the Golden Razz Berry, you will be able to restore their motivation up to fifteen0%. The same berries will also give you Stardust and XP. You can feed a Pokemon up to ten berries before its cooldown.

Feeding Pokemon at gyms is a great way to use up your berries. Additionally, you can make your Pokemon a Buddy in Pokemon Go so that it will earn Candy for you when you walk a certain distance. This works similarly to the incubation system, but this Buddy system requires you to walk a certain distance to get Candy. If you have multiple Pokemon in a team, this method can be a good option.

Feeding berries to Pokemon on a gym will boost their Motivation. This will make it more difficult for rival teams to capture the location. You can also feed berries to Pokemon that have lost motivation in a gym. By feeding Pokemon with berries, you will be able to replenish the motivation of your Pokemon, which will allow you to do more in battle.

When your Pokemon is low on Motivation, you will notice that it will return to you. You can tell when your Pokemon has reached low Motivation by their pink heart above their head. Once the heart is empty, they will return to the trainer. You will be notified when they return to you by receiving a push notification.

Giving Poffins to your buddy

If you’re looking for a way to get more candy for your Pokemon, giving your buddy Poffins will help you out a lot. This candy will fill up the hunger meter and boost your buddy’s mood. It’s also a great way to increase the number of hearts your buddy has available each day.

While the excitement level will last for about three hours, you need to be active to maintain that high level. The fastest way to get your buddy excited is by giving him or her a Poffin. However, if you don’t plan to use your buddy often, Poffins aren’t worth it. Instead, buy them if you know you’ll be using them a lot that day.

To feed your Buddy, you’ll need to feed them three Berries and one Poffin. This way, you can get more candy for your Pokemon and help them level up. Moreover, feeding your Buddy will cut the distance you need to cover by half.

If you don’t want to spend time farming PokeCoins, you can also buy Poffins from the in-game shop. A 100-bundle of PokeCoins will cost you $0.99 (tax not included). Besides, you can feed your Buddy up to 20 times a day, which is an easy way to get more candy for your Pokemon.

In the latest update of Pokemon GO, players can now feed their Buddy Pokemon with Poffins. This new food item changes the way the game is played. Now, players can play with their Buddy Pokemon while feeding them. The relationship between your Buddy Pokemon and you will have a large impact on the game.

To feed your Buddy Pokemon, you should place it where there are yellow footprints. You can then feed it with berries or poffins. You can also skip AR Mode altogether by tapping “Quick View”. It will allow you to feed your Buddy Pokemon without loading it on-screen.

Giving your Buddy Pokemon Poffins will increase their Buddy Level. The higher the Buddy Level, the more Candy you’ll get for your Pokemon. You can even get them by visiting PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms.


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