Destiny 2 Hawkmoon

If you’re looking to get the Hawkmoon exotic weapon, you’ve come to the right place. The Hawkmoon was first introduced in Destiny 2 as the reward for completing the Harbinger quest. However, the perks for it were randomized and you had to run the mission several times before you got the desired perk. This problem was resolved when the Harbinger was moved into the Destiny Content Vault along with The Witch Queen. But that doesn’t mean the Hawkmoon is dead yet! Bungie is bringing the Hawkmoon back to Xur for an exclusive season of Destiny 2 and has made her one of the game’s most coveted weapons.

There are a few ways to get this exotic. You can obtain it through random rolls, random rifling, and smallbore. If you’re a bit unsure of what kind of exotic item you need to get, you can always buy it from Xur, an Agent of the Nine, and sell it for Strange Coins or Motes of Light.

To get the Hawkmoon quest, you have to complete all of the other Season of the Hunt quests. The first of these is to hunt with Uldren. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to speak to the Spider in The Tangled Shore. He will have an item called As the Crow Flies in his inventory, which you’ll need to find and use to complete the Hawkmoon quest.

Exotic Hand Cannon

If you’re wondering how to get the Exotic Hand Cannon in Hawkmooon quest season 13, then you’ve come to the right place! The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon can be found in Sludge in the EDZ, which is the same area as the Cry From Beyond mission. You’ll find it after you defeat the first wave of Taken and a few of their minions, and then you can start testing it out on the enemies. The Exotic hand cannon isn’t the only Exotic hand weapon you’ll find in the Sludge, though. You can also find the Salvation’s Grip Exotic shotgun in Entropic Shards, which are also part of the Sludge area.

This hand cannon is a mid-to-long range weapon with high damage and accuracy. This is a great weapon for both PvP and PvE. This weapon will give you a lot of versatility and allows you to be more accurate, sneaky, and deadly than ever before.

The Hawkmoon Hand Cannon is one of the Exotic Hand Cannons in Destiny 2. You can only get this weapon if you have the Season of the Hunt Season Pass. In addition to this, you’ll need to complete two questlines to get the Exotic Hand Cannon.

Random roll from Xur

If you want to get the Hawkmoon quest, you need to buy a random roll from Xur. There are several places where you can get random rolls from Xur. You can find him in the Tower, the EDZ, or Nessus. We will update this article with the exact locations of all of these places soon. During the past few weeks, Xur has been selling rare armor and weapons. You can visit him during this time to buy the items you need.

To get the Hawkmoon quest, you have to spend 100 Legendary Shards on Xur. Xur will appear in the galaxy twice a week, usually at the Friday reset, and again on Tuesday. The price for the roll is a squid-faced merchant named Xur. You need to buy the items from Xur or use an Exotic Cipher or an Ascendant Shard to acquire it. Additionally, you need to have Beyond Light and a catalyst. The latter can be obtained through Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.

The Hawkmoon quest is a fan-favorite of many Destiny players. It focuses on tracking down glowing feathers, and also contains a story about Prince Uldren becoming a Crow. It also adds a new weapon to your arsenal, the Exotic Hand Cannon. It has a killer final shot.

Exotic Engram Pool

You can get a better Hawkmoon if you can get enough Exotic Engrams. These are used in random rolls for the game and contain the datamined perks that you need for the game. You will have to complete a short mission to get one.

As the seasons go by, Exotics will get more limited and more time-limited. However, the good news is that there are still ways to get them. You can still get them by performing certain quests. The best way to obtain these Exotics is to complete the Xur quests.

The first step of the quest is to get the quest from Spider. When you do this, you will have to go outside of the Spider’s lair and find the Paracausal Feather. It looks like a golden feather and you will need it to complete the quest. Once you have a Golden Feather, you can then go back to the EDZ to get a different quest from Hawkmoon.

Drops from playlist activities

If you want to earn a Hawkmoon Exotic in the Destiny 2 game, you must complete the Season of the Hunt quest. This quest culminates with your first hunt with Uldren. After completing the quest, speak to the Spider in the Tangled Shore. He will have As the Crow Flies in his inventory.

You can also get Hawkmoon from random rolls and polygonal rifling. You can also get it from completing smallbore activities twice a week. During the weekend, you can also obtain a Hawkmoon through the activities in the Vanguard Ops playlist. You can also obtain it through the activities in Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.

Golden feather drop from Spider’s Lair

To get the first feather in the Spider’s Lair quest, go outside the spider’s lair and find something. You’ll need five golden feathers to finish the quest. To help you find these feathers, here is some lore and hints. Also, you’ll find a box outside the exit.

First, you’ll need to go outside the gates of the giant building in the Dreaming City. This building is near the Blind Well. You will need to double and triple-jump up to reach the feather. Once you’ve got this feather, you’ll need to travel to the Dreaming City. You can find the feather outside the entrance to a giant doorway east of the fast travel point.

The golden feather can also be obtained from trolls. The first one is found outside the entrance to the Spider’s lair. Go to the entrance of the lair and then head to the second old factory building. The second building overlooks the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector. It will have a platform on which you can find a golden feather.

Once you’ve found the first two feathers, you’ll need to head to the Shrine of Oryx on the Moon. This final feather can be found in a hidden area. The path to this location will take you through the Hall of Wisdom and a tunnel. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a large arena with the feather on the other side.


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