Getting conches is essential to completing various quests in the game Genshin Impact. For example, if you want to unlock the Barbara skin, you need to collect Echoing Conches. Fortunately, there are many ways to obtain these items. One way is to participate in the Echoing Tales event, which is a great way to get these items as well as experience more of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Mysterious Conch

The Mysterious Conch is an important item in Genshin Impact. You can use it to open special reward chests. There are several spots in the game where you can find it. You can also bring it to NPCs to get special items such as Truhens. The Conch is found in sea water, but its shimmer makes it difficult to detect.

Mysterious Conches respawn on the Genshin Impact peninsula. To find them, players need to first explore the peninsula. They can pick up four shells a day. This quest is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game can be played on mobile devices, PCs, and PlayStation 4.

There are several places to collect the Phantasmal Conch. These are spawned during the “Resonating Visions” event, which started on July 15 in 2022. Each of these locations rewards the player with various level-up materials and a new outfit for Fischl. There are 20 conches in the Genshin Impact area.

The game introduces several challenging new missions. In the main mission, Takashi must place shrines in order to collect Mysterious Conch shells. The game starts near Takashi’s hut, but you can also find them in the shores and shallow areas of Inazuma. While most of the Conch Locations contain sparkles, some of them can contain fruit or vegetables. Others can summon enemies. The items inside the conch shell chests are random.

Twinning Isle

If you haven’t yet found all the conches in the Golden Apple Archipelago, then now’s the time to start doing so. There are many different locations you can interact with to get a large number of these monsters. First, you should start by interacting with the western conch. The good thing about this conch is that you don’t have to climb too high to reach it. After that, you’ll want to climb up to the next location. The next location is higher up on the cliffs, and it will require you to interact with a broken piece of wood on the north side. The final location is on a different island, and you’ll want to interact with the southern Teleport Waypoint on Twinning Isle.

The 19th Phantasmal Conch is located in the ‘Misplaced Conch’ quest. This quest can be completed in the Twinning Isle, on the upper island. To find it, you must first talk to the ravens. Once you have a conversation with them, you’ll be able to find the conch. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to throw three stones into the well, pushing it up onto the surface.

You must complete the Fischl and Kazuha’s domains first before moving on to the Twinning Isle. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to move on to the smallest island. From there, you’ll have to complete a puzzle on the Broken Isle and Twinning Isle to get the Conches. You’ll have until Tuesday, 23rd August to find the Conches, or else the islands won’t be available.

Broken Isle

You must find the five Phantasmal Conches to complete Genshin Impact. These conches have mystic properties and tell stories of long-gone civilizations. They also show projections of the past. The Broken Isle is one of the four islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

The Golden Apple Archipelago is full of treasures and secrets that you can find by collecting conches. You can then use these to unlock Primogems. Therefore, you should try to collect as many conches as possible during the event. The more conches you collect, the more Primogems you will earn.

Genshin Impact fans can also find five Phantasmal Conches on Broken Isle. You can find them by traveling to the north-western corner of the island. The first conch is perched atop a small boulder overlooking the beach. The next conch is perched on the top of a boulder.

The fifth Conch can only be obtained after completing the Blazin’ Trails event. To unlock it, you need to complete a Pyro totem puzzle and meet the Blazin’ Trails objectives. You can also use the Primogems to wish for Heizou, Klee, and Kazuha, or save them for banners for Genshin Impact.

You can also get conches Genshin by completing the Blazin’ Trails World Quest on Broken Isle. Once you complete it, a new island will appear, which is surrounded by stone statues of Crows. The imaging conch on this island was placed incorrectly by someone, resulting in an image that is out of order. This conch will be used in the A Misplaced Conch world quest.


The goal in this quest is to obtain the Phantasmal Conch. To do this, you will need to complete the first two parts of the Blazin’ Trails! World Quest. This quest will also give you the chance to obtain two other Conches. These two conches will also be found in Kazuha’s domain.

The Phantasmal Conch can be found on a table in the third mirage realm of the game. You will need to interact with Kazuha’s bonsai in order to get it. After you have obtained the Phantasmal Conch, you can proceed to the next domain.

There are currently fourteen conches available to collect in Kazuha. More will become available as the story progresses. Once you have found all of them, you will need to complete some other quests and Xinyan’s domain. There are many different ways to obtain Kazuha conches.

In addition to these, you can also obtain the Phantasmal Conches on the Minacious Isle. These are found next to the purple Fatui soldier and near a bramble of branches. After you have collected them, you can also collect the remaining Phantasmal Conches by completing the character domains.


There are several ways to obtain Xinyan conches. First, you can complete the Xinyan domain quests, which can be found throughout the Twinning Isle. Afterward, you can complete the Xinya part of the event to unlock the conches.

The Xinyan domain is a unique area in the game. Unlike the Kazuha’s Domain, it is comprised of a series of interconnected doors. Some doors lead to floating areas, while others lead to wind gusts and drums. The goal of this area is to collect enough conches and move through the doors in order to unlock the conch.

Xinyan’s domain is the location of the next Phantasmal Conch. You must complete Kazuha’s domain first, in order to get to it. Once you’ve done that, you can access the broken Isle’s cave to find the next Phantasmal Conch. Alternatively, you can access the Xinyan’s domain by doing the Blazin’ Trails quest.

The fifth Conch can be found on a small island just northeast of the Isle, which is part of the Resonating Visions Event. Once you complete the Xinyan storyline, you’ll unlock this island’s fifth Conch. To reach it, you’ll need to complete the Blazin’ Trails quest and complete the Xinyan portion of the Summertime Odyssey Event.


Genshin Impact’s Summertime Odyssey is now live, and you can get conches to unlock Fischl’s new outfit. The Summertime Odyssey also includes mini-events. You can complete the quests in the Golden Apple Archipelago and get rewards in the process. The Summertime Odyssey gives you an alternate outfit for Fischl, as well as several Primogems and Mora.

In order to get the Fischl skin, you’ll need to collect 16 Phantasmal Conches. There are 20 in all, but the last four are found in domains related to event characters. For example, the “Sojourner’s Song” conch can be found in the event menu. You can also find fourteen of the 16 Phantasmal Conches in the “The Photographer’s Words” domain without completing an event quest.

You can also pick up Mysterious Conches in Genshin Impact. These conches look like normal conches, but they give off a faint, white or purple/orange glow. They also pop up a white icon in the mini map when you are close to them. Each conch has its own unique name, which you’ll need to know when you’re trying to find it.

Obtaining conches in this way is a quick way to obtain some of the most popular items in the game. While collecting these items is the main goal of the game, there are also hidden quests that will give you items and achievements. These quests require the player to use their Gaze of the Deep device.


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