If you’re wondering how to get Candy fast in Pokemon Go, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of methods available. Here are a few of them: Pinap Berries, XL Candy, Community Days, and GO Battle League.

XL Candy

In Pokemon Go, there are several ways to get Candy XL. The higher your Pokemon’s CP, the higher your chances of getting Candy XL. You can also get more Candy XL candies by hatching eggs from legendary and evolved Pokemon. The trick is to keep trying until you find a Pokemon that’s rare.

If you’re unable to find XL Candy in your journey, you can trade a single standard candy for an XL candy. If you have a lot of candy, this method is the best option. However, you must make sure that you are trading with friends, because this method doesn’t guarantee that the other person will give you an XL candy.

The most reliable way to get XL candy is to catch a Pokemon. Depending on the type of Pokemon you catch, you can get from one to three XL sweets. In addition, catching a Pokemon that is unevolved will give you a lot of Candy, while evolving it will grant you significantly more.

XL Candy can also be obtained by trading in your regular Candy. For every 100 regular Candy you trade in, you can get one XL Candy. Another way to earn XL candy is by transferring Pokemon. Pokemon with higher CP levels are more likely to drop XL Candy.

Besides capturing Pokemon, you can also feed them with XL Candy to level them up. This method works for both water and land types. If you have water types, you can feed your Megas with XL Candy to level them up. You can also use Elite Fast TMs to teach your Pokemon powerful attacks.

XL Candy is a rare item. You can get multiple XL Candy by mass-transfering your Pokemon to other trainers. Some Pokemon even give you extra Candy when you trade them. But, it’s not guaranteed and you’ll have to make sure that you have Pokemon with higher levels.

Getting XL Candies is not an easy task. The trick is to catch as many Pokemon as you can and combine it with trading. It’s also best to catch Pokemon that are higher levels, as they will often drop more XL candies. Moreover, weather-boosted Pokemon will increase your chances of getting XL candy. On average, 15% – 25% of Pokemon catches can give you an XL Candy. Pinap berries do not affect the XL Candy you receive.

Pinap Berries

When playing Pokemon GO, one of the best ways to level up your Pokemon is to collect Pinap Berries. These berries are essentially little fruit-like things that will help you get more Candy, which is incredibly useful when trying to evolve Pokemon or boost CP. Eevee is one such example, and it can evolve into both Espeon and Umbreon if you have the right set of berries.

One of the best ways to get Pinap berries is by exchanging them with friends in the game. Often times, the trainers will send you a gift containing berries and other items. These gifts can even include Pokeballs, Potions, Stickers, and Stardust. The more gifts you exchange, the more Pinaps you’ll get.

Once you’ve accumulated enough of these, you can use them to level up a Pokemon fast. They are a fantastic way to speed up the grinding process. These berries are also a great way to evolve Pokemon that require Candy, like Dratini and Oddish, as well as your first partner Pokemon.

You can also get Pinap Berries as a reward for completing Raid Bosses. These berries are incredibly rare, but they offer twice the Candy that a normal Pinap Berry will give you. They’re best used on Pokemon that are in the middle or final stages of their evolution.

While gifting is the most common way to collect Pinap Berries, you can also get them through PokeStops, gyms, and research. If you’re lucky, Ginter will offer you 10 for R2,000 if you capture 20 Pokemon in the game. Alternatively, you can purchase a Pinap Berry for R400.

Another way to get them is to find bushes on Route 16 and 17 and tap A. Those are bushes, and there’s a chance you’ll find a bunch. Just make sure you look carefully. Once you have found one, you can shake the candy loose.

Besides using them to feed Buddy, they can also be used to boost motivation in Pokemon gyms. They’re as potent as Pinap berries and Nanab berries, but you’ll get more of them if you save them. You can even use them to re-energize a gym defender Pokemon.

Community Days

You may be asking yourself, “How can I get Candy fast in Pokemon Go?” Luckily, there are several ways to increase your Candy production. For starters, you should take advantage of the seasonal updates, which increase Candy drop rates. For example, during Halloween, Candy drop rates doubled. You can also look for seasonal updates by checking the Today tab in the game.

Secondly, try to find stronger Pokemon. Not every trainer has a Mewtwo or Giratina, so it’s important to choose a Pokemon that is stronger than your other ones. Another good way to earn Rare Candy is to battle Raids every day. These will give you the most resources and Rare Candy. In addition, the GO Battle League is another reliable source of Rare Candy. You can battle up to 25 times a day and earn as many as 15 Rare Candies each time.

Lastly, a good way to increase the amount of Candy in Pokemon Go is to feed Pokemon at the Gym. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain Candy at a high level. Most Gyms are stacked with Dragonites, Tyranitars, and Blisseys, which makes them an excellent way to earn Candy fast. It’s also a good reason to keep your Berries.

You can also get XL Rare Candy, which changes in type depending on what Pokemon eats it. Unlike regular Candy, XL Rare Candy is only available for Pokemon that are level 40 and above. Once you have acquired enough XL Candy, you can power up your Pokemon and use them to make them stronger. You need 296 pieces of XL Candy per non-Shadow Pokemon to get a Level 50 boost.

Another way to get Candy fast in Pokemon Go is to trade your Pokemon. Trading them in for Candy is a good way to clear out weak Pokemon. However, if you want to get the maximum amount of Candy in a short period of time, you should try catching multiples of a particular species.


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