An Umbreon is an extremely rare Pokémon in the wild. They are mostly found in cities and are usually nocturnal. They use the cover of darkness to hunt for prey. They can be spotted by their ring-like body, which glows in different conditions. The ring is very protective and helps the Umbreon to survive in areas without moonlight.

Evolution methods

To evolve an Umbreon in Pokemon Legends, you must first catch a Pokemon known as Eevee. This Pokemon can only evolve into an Umbreon after it reaches the maximum friendship level. To increase your Eevee’s friendship level, you can explore the world by collecting resources and eating EXP candy. You can also check your friendship progress using the Friendship Checker. You can find the Friendship Checker in the Jubilife Village.

The Umbreon’s head has an elongated circle pattern above, and its tail resembles ears. The tail is long, pointed, and rounded on the sides. The tail also has a wide stripe – much like the Umbreon’s ears. During the Max Friendship, you can obtain Shiny Umbreons. These Pokemon have neon blue yellow patterns on their head and tail and golden yellow sclera.

In Pokemon Legends, there are several ways to evolve Eevee into the Umbreon. You can choose from eight Eevee-lutions, each with different requirements. If you choose the wrong method, however, you may end up with an unwelcome evolution.

To get an Umbreon in Arceus, you need to have an Eevee in your party and use it in battle. To check your Eevee’s friendship level, visit Belamy, which is in southeast Jubilife Village. Make sure Eevee and you are “fast friends”.


There are two ways to get Umbreon in Pokemon Legends: in the wild and by using the Space-Time Distortions. You can also find Umbreon in the wild at night. As you can see, the Umbreon evolves from Eevee into this Dark-type Pokemon.

It is easy to evolve an Eevee into an Umbreon, but you must follow certain conditions in order to do this. You must first have a max friendship level on your Eevee, after which you can unlock the evolution option. After that, you need to keep Eevee in your party, preferably in the night.

You can evolve Eevee into an Espeon or an Umbreon by using the Evolution Stone. You can find evolution stones by breaking rocks, exploring Space-Time Distortions, or purchasing them in the Ginko Cart. Eevees evolve into Umbreon after gaining enough Friendship.

Umbreon evolves from Eevee in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This type of Pokemon is only evolved at night, so be sure to make sure that you change your Eevee to nighttime to evolve it. Once it is evolved, it will have several abilities that make it an excellent choice for your party.

Special items

If you’re looking for a way to evolve your Umbreon in Pokemon GO, there are a few special items you can use. These items can make your Pokemon friendlier and help you get to the next level faster. They can also help you catch and evolve other Pokemon. If you have an Eevee, you can use it to evolve your Umbreon even faster. Just make sure you get close enough to it to be friends with it.

Depending on how friendly your Eevee is with you, he or she will evolve into an Espeon, Sylveon, or Umbreon. You can get an Espeon by training your Eevee with a Fairy-type move, but you must teach it an Umbreon move to evolve. You can check your friendship levels with Eevee by visiting Belamy in southeast Jubilife Village. When you’re “fast friends” with Eevee, he’ll tell you how to evolve it. Once you’ve done this, the last step is to unequip all of your Eevee’s Fairy-type moves and equip it with a special item.

You can also use evolution stones to evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon. These items spawn randomly in the game, but you can also buy them using Merit points. To get them, you can find them in Jubilife Village or at the Ginko Cart. If you’re looking for a way to evolve your Eevee, you can also try using a fire stone to evolve your Eevee into an Espeon.

Friendship level

There are many ways to increase the Friendship level of an Umbreon. You can do this by using it in battle, farming items, and catching items for it. Some people also report that talking to them can help increase their Friendship level. While these methods aren’t foolproof, they can work.

You can also increase the friendship level of Eevee by keeping it in the party. This will increase its ability to battle with you and to heal you fast. It’s also a good idea to use your Eevee to collect items. The more items it can collect, the higher its friendship level.

As with any Pokemon, raising its friendship level in Pokemon Legends Arceus can be a little tricky, but it’s worth it in the end. The game has many hidden stats that can make it easier or harder to raise the friendship level of your Pokemon. You can find out how far your Pokemon have traveled with each other by examining their Friendship levels.

In Pokemon Legends, you can check the friendship level of your Pokemon by talking to a Friendship Checker NPC. This will allow you to see if you’ve reached the ‘Best Friends’ rank and unlock evolutions and battle bonuses.

Psychic-type Espeon

Espeon is a type of Pokemon in the Pokemon Legends game. It has the advantage of being psychic. Its stats are also boosted by its type, which makes it an excellent Pokemon for the game. Generally, you can catch it by using an Ice Stone on Eevee. In order to evolve it, your Eevee must have a high Friendship Level during the day. It must also not be equipped with any Fairy-type move in order to evolve. Getting an Espeon will take patience and luck.

Psychic-type Pokemon are usually powerful and elegant. The best Psychic Pokemon in Arceus are Cresselia, Eeveelution, and Espeon. These Pokemon are all useful in battles with heavy hitters. They also have high Defense and Special Defense, making them the best Pokemon to use during long battles. Their Attack and Special Attack stats are also reasonable. To increase their attack power, you should use the Strong Style Attack.

Once you have an Espeon, you should train it to learn its moves. Generally, you should choose moves that are useful against specific types of enemies. For example, if you have a Ghost-type Espeon, you should try learning Shadow Ball and Psychic.

Getting an Espeon with the correct type of friendship isn’t difficult in Arceus, but there are several things you should do first. First, you must get Eevee to the maximum friendship level. Next, you need to make sure that you have removed all the Fairy-type moves from your Eevee’s move list. Lastly, you need to evolve the Espeon by the daytime. You can do this by feeding your Espeon with EXP candy.

Dark-type Umbreon

If you’re looking to evolve your Eevee into a powerful Dark-type Pokemon, it’s best to do it at night. This will let you take advantage of Umbreon’s bulky Defense and Special Defense stats. As a Dark-type Pokemon, Umbreon has few weaknesses and is the most effective Pokemon to evolve Eevee into.

Umbreon is a medium-sized Pokemon that comes in black and yellow coloration. It has yellow patterns on its body, and its ears are pointed and rounded. The eyes are black with elongated pupils and red sclera. Its face has a small nose and mouth, and it has an elongated circle pattern on its forehead.

Umbreon and Darkrai are the two main Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Although Umbreon and Darkrai share similar appearances in the game, Darkrai has more powerful stats. Its Attack and Special Attack stats are higher, and it has a better base attack stat. While it may not be as strong as its Eeveelution, Darkrai’s speed and low HP make it an ideal match-up for most Pokemon.

The Overqwil is another new evolution in Pokemon Legends. This new Dark/Poison type specializes in Physical attacks. It’s similar to Drapion, but has more offensive power and a broader move pool. It’s also a Water-type, and you’ll want to equip it with an Adamant nature, but a Naughty nature will work as well.


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