If you want to add some muscle mass to your body, then you might be interested in taking creatine pills. But before you jump into the action, there are some things that you should know. It can be easy to get carried away by all the different pills on the market, but the truth is that you don’t have to. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.


Forget gimmicky supplements, Swolverine creatine has you covered. It is not only pure and potent, it is also cost-efficient. Buying in bulk is a no-brainer. The cost per serving is a fraction of the price of a comparable supplement made by a big name company. You can get yours at a discount from UNFI Easy Options.

One of the most important benefits of a creatine supplement is that it can be taken as a stand alone or in combination with other strength training elixirs such as Whey protein and amino acids. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can enjoy the benefits of this ingredient without any ill effects. In addition to helping you perform better, you can expect improved endurance. This is especially helpful when you are a competitive athlete.

Swolverine also makes other notable performance supplements such as Whey Protein Isolate and Collagen protein. The latter can be taken in a variety of forms, such as puddings, shakes, and bars. They are also known for their high-quality ingredients. Not to mention their excellent customer service. So, if you’re in the market for a quality whey protein supplement, stop by today. And if you’re looking for something a little less prickly, check out UNFI Easy Options for some great wholesale pricing on Swolverine products. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or a gym rat, Swolverine has you covered.

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition is one of the leading supplement companies on the market. They offer a wide variety of products, including creatine.

Creatine has been studied to enhance strength, power, and muscle cell volumization. It has also been shown to increase muscular recovery. In addition, it can provide energy during exercise.

Optimum Nutrition’s Creatine 2500 Caps are ideal for athletes who want a convenient way to get the most out of their workouts. These capsules contain pure creatine monohydrate. A full dose is included, meaning no need to mix or clean up.

Optimum Nutrition’s creatine is tested for purity and banned substances. This ensures that the product is free from impurities.

Optimum Nutrition’s Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder is a popular choice. This product is micronized, meaning it dissolves quickly and easily in water or other liquids.

Optimum Nutrition has other creatine supplements as well. They are available in capsules, powder, and a combination of the two. They all contain pure creatine monohydrate.

Unlike other creatine supplements, Optimum Nutrition’s capsules do not contain artificial flavors or colors. Their creatine is manufactured in a CGMP certified facility.

Another important benefit to taking creatine capsules is the fact that they are more portable. This may be important to some customers.

Optimum Nutrition’s capsules contain a maximum of five grams of creatine per serving. This is sufficient for maintaining concentrated levels.


If you are looking for the best creatine pills, you will want to check out Kre Alkalyn. It is a pH-buffered version of creatine.

This is important because it helps your body absorb the supplement and it makes it easier for you to digest. You may also experience less bloating and stomach cramps when you take Kre Alkalyn.

Creatine is a popular muscle-building supplement. Research has shown that it can increase your energy level and promote lean muscle growth. As a result, you will have more time to workout and recover.

There are a number of different types of creatine, including monohydrate and nitrate. Monohydrate is the cheapest type. However, it can be uncomfortable to consume, as it causes stomach cramps. In contrast, nitrate is not as gassy.

Kre Alkalyn is one of the only creatine supplements on the market with a pH of 12. This is supposed to make it more effective. Also, it is considered vegan and gluten free, which means it is safe to consume.

Besides increasing energy, the Kre-Alkalyn formula is said to be effective in increasing protein synthesis. Boosted protein synthesis is critical in creating lean muscles. Moreover, it increases your endurance.

Aside from the effects mentioned above, Kre Alkalyn is also known to improve muscle volume and strength. It is also said to help your muscles get super-hydrated. When your muscles are super-hydrated, you will have better recovery.


Creatine is a supplement that helps to build muscle. A lot of bodybuilders like to use creatine as part of their workout routine. However, not all creatine supplements are created equal. Some of the best are certified by third parties to ensure they are safe.

Creatine can be taken orally, or as part of a protein shake. You should start with a moderate dosage of three to five grams per day. For the best results, you should choose a supplement that is pure and free of fillers.

Creatine supplements can be found in both powder and capsule forms. The benefits of taking them include increased strength and speed, and energy. It also improves muscle recovery.

Many studies have shown that creatine can be safely used as long as it is taken in a moderate dose. If you are taking a higher dose, however, you should talk to your doctor to make sure there are no negative effects.

Creatine supplements are often mixed with other ingredients to help your body absorb them. BioPerine is a black pepper fruit extract that can help with this process. Another ingredient that may be beneficial is a high quality protein rich in branched chain amino acids.

To get the best results, you should take creatine monohydrate. This type of supplement is the most easily absorbed by the body. There are many brands of creatine monohydrate available.

Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs creatine pills are made with the highest quality ingredients, including creatine monohydrate, HMB, and Bioperine. These are all well-known ingredients that help support muscle growth, recovery, and strength. They also work in conjunction with other supplements to boost results.

Creatine monohydrate is the most studied form of creatine, and it is used for many sports-related purposes. Its main benefit is its ability to increase power, speed, and endurance.

It can also improve body composition. This can include increased lean muscle mass, lower body fat, and improved anaerobic performance. The supplement is often used in conjunction with post-workout protein supplements.

HMB is an anti-catabolic agent, meaning it can help protect your muscles from the breakdown of proteins. Additionally, it can promote better muscle retention.

When it comes to taking creatine, you should be careful about choosing a high-quality product. Some products are made with additives, and others are not as effective as the pure, natural version. Make sure you choose a product that’s free of fillers, artificial coloring, and stimulants.

Transparent Labs is a good choice for a creatine supplement, especially if you’re looking for a reliable product that’s third-party tested. Their facility is certified for clean manufacturing processes, and their products are registered with the FDA.

Transparent Labs also uses minimal ingredients, and it doesn’t use any artificial colors or sweeteners. However, it’s a bit more expensive than other supplements.

Klean Athlete

Klean Athlete is a well-known brand in the supplement industry. Their products are tested by NSF (National Science Foundation) to ensure that they’re safe and effective. Among their product lines are amino acids, pre-workout supplements, and protein powders. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking for performance enhancing nutrients or a weekend warrior who wants to build muscle mass, there is a Klean Athlete supplement to meet your needs.

The Klean Athlete brand is a trusted name in Canada and the United States. Its products are formulated without artificial ingredients and additives. They also don’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.

There are many benefits associated with taking a creatine supplement, and it isn’t just about gaining lean muscle. Creatine can also help your body recover more quickly from strenuous activity. Using a product like Klean Recovery, your muscles can replenish their glycogen stores and re-energize after an intense workout.

Taking a creatine supplement may be the best way to boost your strength and endurance. This substance helps to preserve ATP, which is used for nearly every process in living cells.

One of the tastiest uses of this compound is to make more ATP, which can help boost energy levels, improve recovery, and facilitate muscle growth. Although it’s hard to say whether or not this supplement will actually help you achieve your goals, it is a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the right dose for you.


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