There are a couple of different ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and each method has its limitations. One of the fastest ways to evolve your Pokemon is to farm for Everstone. These can be found on various locations, and unlike evolution stones, these will not evolve your Pokemon in an unwanted way. You can still evolve them later, if you want. The easiest ways to get Everstone are by farming Boldore and Roggenrola, which each have a 50 percent chance of yielding an Everstone.

Evolution by holding a held item

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield game, one of the ways to avoid evolving is by holding an Evolutionary Held Item. This type of item contains information on Pokemon’s evolution. If you hold the item, the Pokemon cannot evolve until the next level. For example, if you hold the Everstone, the Pokemon cannot evolve until it reaches that level.

One of the most common types of special evolutions is the stone-based evolution. These stones can be obtained from specific stores or found in the Galar region. Once you find the right stone, you can use it on the Pokemon you’re trying to evolve. Just make sure the Pokemon you’re using is compatible with the stone to get the full effect of this evolution.

The items that can be used to evolve Pokemon have also changed. Unlike in previous games, evolution items are now more limited. In the first game, evolution stones evolved Eevee and Leafeon into Glaceon, but now they have different uses. Some of these items are useless, while others can help you evolve more difficult Pokemon.

Evolution by level 20

If you are looking for Pokemon Sword and Shield evolution tips and tricks, you have come to the right place. Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Guide is packed with useful information on every evolution, including special and trade evolutions. It will even help you filter between Pokemon that evolve by leveling up and those that evolve by other means.

The first step is to know what Pokemon you need to evolve to the next level. There are multiple ways to do this, and we will cover each one in detail below. Most Pokemon will evolve automatically after reaching a certain level, while others will need special items and processes to be evolved. In addition, some Pokemon will never evolve.

The next step is to obtain the correct evolution items for the various Pokemon. For instance, you must acquire two rare roosters before you can evolve a Pokemon with a rare rooster. This item is very rare, and requires you to have a high level of relationship with the Pokemon. You can also evolve the rooster by using a Sword or Shield.

Evolution by holding a Thunderstone

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, you know that holding a Thunderstone will enable you to evolve certain types of Pokemon. It’s a powerful item that works on Pokemon that are Electric or Water-type. You can use it on Pikachu, Eevee, and Charjabug.

The Evolution Stone is the most common evolution item in the game. You can find them in certain locations or purchase them in some stores. To use the stone, you first have to have a compatible Pokemon that can evolve with it. Generally, you’ll find Stones in the Galar region. You can also find Evolution Stones in certain stores, such as the Pokemon Sword and Shield Store.

You can also evolve Charjabug with a Thunder Stone. It’s a rare type that can evolve into Electric-type Pokemon, so it’s important to make sure your team consists of Electric-type Pokemon. It’s also important to remember that Eevee is the first Pokemon you’ll remember using a Thunder Stone.

Another evolution method involves holding a Thunderstone in the sword and taking the Pokemon to a magnetic field. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you had to take the Pokemon to a magnetic field to evolve, while in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can evolve Nosepass using a Thunder Stone. This method is much easier than in Pokemon Sun and Moon, where you had to raise the level of your Pokemon in a magnetic field to make it evolve.

It is also possible to find hidden Evolution Stones in the wild. These stones will appear as hidden items or as visible items. To find one, keep an eye out for small sparks on the ground. Some locations include the Dusk Stone behind the Pokemon Center in Stow-on-Side, the Fire Stone in the Motosoke Riverbank, and the Leaf Stone south of a geoglyph.

Another way to find Evolution Stones is to hire a Digging Duo. This duo can be found near the Pokemon nursery in the Bridge Field. For 500 Watts, you can hire them to dig up some stones for you. You’ll be able to find rarer items, but you’ll be limited in the Evolution Stones they recover.


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