Citing book pages in an essay is a common requirement in research essays. To properly cite a book page, write down the page number and title of the book. Cite books in APA style, American Psychological Association, or Modern Language Association format. In high school and college essays, you may want to use American Psychological Association formatting.

The title page of the book should contain the author, publisher, and year of publication. It is also helpful to include a copyright page. However, copyright pages may have several years, so use the most recent year if possible. In addition, include any editors or translators who have been named on the cover.

To cite a book page in an essay, include the title, author, and page number. The title should be italicized or quotation marked. If the title is an audiovisual source, add the timecode. If there are two or more authors listed, use one author’s name.

In general, if the work has three or more authors, use the first author. Using et al. is a shortcut for “and others.” It is important to note that the first author should be the first name of the first author listed on the work. It should also be the first name of the last author. The name of the publisher should also be included.

When citing a book, the author or publisher should be mentioned in the title of the essay. The author can be a person, organization, or company. A group of authors is called corporate authors. Typically, the author of a chapter will be listed first in the book, followed by the editor. The author’s name should be capitalized only if it is an important word in the title.

You should cite book pages in your essay according to Chicago Manual of Style. The 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style requires that authors include the author’s name, page number, and year of publication. The author’s name should be followed by a colon, and the page number should not be preceded by a space.


There are a number of ways to cite books in your essay. The MLA and APA style manuals both have guidelines for how to properly cite a book. These guides will also help you to write a citation for an online book. If you want to use a book online, the first thing you should do is identify the author of the work. This person can be a person, a group, or a company.

First, make sure to include the title of the book. Most books have their titles displayed on the cover. Make sure to use the correct title for the MLA and Chicago styles. If the book was translated, you should include the name of the translator instead of the author. You also need to list the publisher, but only if the book was based on translation.

If there are several authors, you should list the first author of the work. Otherwise, you can use et al. (a Latin expression meaning “and others”). If the authors of a work have more than one, list the authors alphabetically. If there are more than three authors, list them in alphabetical order.

Next, make sure to cite the author’s name and page number. The author’s name can be included in the text of your essay or placed in parentheses. If the authors have the same name, use the first initial instead of the last name. You can also use a shorter version of the author’s name after the page number.

For authors of books with more than one author, use the bibliographic information. Start by including the first author’s last name. In addition, if the authors used italics, italicize or quote the title in the in-text citation. If the author did not use italics or quotation marks, use a short title, such as “Trouble,” which distinguishes it from other works by the same author. The short title should also be in quotation marks.

Page numbers

When citing books, page numbers are an important element of citation. These numbers should appear in the top margin of the paper, about an inch from the right edge. They should also be placed by themselves, without any punctuation. The eighth edition of the MLA Handbook has outdated guidance.

It is important to keep in mind that many books have blank pages within the main body. When the pages are open, new sections or chapters should start on the right side. While blank pages are not usually numbered, they are still part of the book’s pagination sequence. You should also avoid placing page numbers near the inside margin, because this will alter the appearance of the book.

In writing a research essay, you may have to include citations. To do so, write down the page number and title of the book. Depending on your academic level, you may use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for your essay. You can also use Modern Language Association (MLA) style for your essay.

Date of publication

In your essay, you may need to include the date of publication of book pages. For example, you might mention that Shakespeare wrote King Lear in The Norton Shakespeare, but you need to include the actual publication date. In addition, you must also mention the name of the publisher. If the book isn’t published in North America, you’ll need to specify its country of origin.


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