If you’ve been looking for a way to beat Giovanni in the new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, you’re not alone. The battles against Giovanni are divided into three phases: the first phase is where you must use Shadow Persian, while the second phase involves using other Pokémon. Shadow Nidoking, Machamp, and Rhyperior will also be used against you. Shadow Latias will also be used against you. Other Pokémon Giovanni uses include Terrakion, Torterra, and Swampert. Roserade uses Solar Beam, while Moltres has Wing Attack and Sky Attack. Gengar and Scizor have Fury Cutter and X-Scisor.

Shadow Machamp

There are many ways to beat Giovanni, but the most effective one is to use a Pokemon that has high CP, such as Shadow Machamp. This high-CP Pokemon also has powerful moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch, which are great for quickly deactivating Giovanni’s shields and allowing your best Pokemon to counter it. This fight is often trial and error, so you’ll need to take note of which Pokemon you lose when you try to defeat Giovanni.

The first thing you should know about Giovanni is that his Pokemon lineup hasn’t changed much since the game first released, so it’s possible to plan your strategy. Giovanni starts each battle with a Persian, and his second Pokemon is chosen at random from a pool of three. The best way to counter this type of Pokemon is to use Shadow Machamp, which is best against Fighting-type moves. Once you’ve defeated this Pokemon, you’ll be well-prepared to face any attacks from the rest of Giovanni’s team.

The next strategy is to exploit Giovanni’s weaknesses. If you can’t use any Shadow Pokemon, you can try to match his weak pokemon with a Fighting-type one. Dialga, Mewtwo, and Conkeldurr are great choices to counter Giovanni’s Persian. The game is constantly changing, and you can’t expect this one to remain the same forever. The best way to beat Giovanni is to learn the tricks of the trade and use them well.

In the final round, you can choose to use Lucario, but you should also try to beat a Fighting-type Pokemon instead of a Water-type one. This Pokemon can cover a wide range of bases and be quite difficult to fight. Using a Fighting-type Pokemon against Giovanni’s Pokemon will make it much easier for you to win the battle. If you’re not sure which Pokemon to use to defeat Giovanni, here’s a list of the most effective Pokémon to beat him.

The game is divided into three phases. During the first phase, Giovanni uses Shadow Persian. In the second phase, Giovanni will use Shadow Machamp and Shadow Nidoking. Shadow Latias will be Giovanni’s second choice. As for the Pokemon he uses in each phase, it’s important to use different counters for each type. In addition, Shadow Machamp’s type weaknesses are Fairy, Flying, and Psychic. While the Golem’s weakness is Ground, you should be able to counter them with your second choice Pokemon.

If you’re unable to defeat Giovanni the first time, you can rematch the game to get the best results. However, if you’re still unable to get the best results, you can change your roster or rematch Giovanni to try to win the match. While this is a frustrating way to beat Giovanni, you should always remember that you’re not alone. There are many strategies to beat Giovanni, and one of the best ones involves using the Shadow Machamp.

Shadow Latias

During the July 2022 Pokemon Go Battle Weekend, Giovanni changed his Pokemon lineup to include Shadow Latias. This lineup remains the same for August 2022. It is essential to know how to counter Giovanni’s Shadow Latias, and which counters to avoid to maximize your chances of winning. Giovanni usually starts each battle with Persian and chooses a second Pokemon from a pool of three. His final Pokemon will be Shadow Latias.

The most effective strategy to defeat Shadow Latias is to use Pokemon that are weak to Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, and Bug types. You can also use Pokemon that are immune to Ice and Water type attacks to beat him. To protect yourself from these attacks, you should use Pokemon with a bug or ice type attack, such as Rayquaz. If you are using a bug Pokemon, make sure you counter Shadow Latias with an ice or bug attack.

As a general rule, Giovanni’s battles are divided into three phases. The first phase always involves a Shadow Persian. The second phase will feature Nidoking, Machamp, and Rhyperior. Afterward, Shadow Latias is the last Pokemon Giovanni will use. It’s vital to remember that each Pokemon in Giovanni’s team has its own special move. For instance, Lucario has a Counter move while Hariyama has a Dynamic Punch move.

A good Pokemon to use against Giovanni is Rhyperior. It’s weak against Water and Grass and also has a strong weakness to Fighting and Ice type moves. It can be easily defeated if you use Pokemon with a low speed and low HP. A good strategy is to use a Pokemon with a strong defensive power. It can be difficult to find an effective Pokemon to defeat the Gyarados, but a Dragon/Psychic type will help you get the upper hand in the game.

Another way to beat Giovanni is by using the ‘Silver’ Pokemon. Dialga is a Steel/Dragon type and has very high defense against Dragon and Shadow-type attacks. Try to collect all the leader Pokemon, which is found at PokeStops and hot air balloons. In addition to this, you can also obtain a Super Rocket Radar to make Giovanni vulnerable to enemy attacks.

As for the Pokemon used by Giovanni, the best Pokemon to use against him are Fighting-types. A Fighting-type Pokemon is best against Persian, while a Water-type Pokemon is best against a Grass-type. Psychic-type moves will also help against Persian, as they have weak defenses. However, you should always try to use your Shadow Latias as your second Pokemon.

If you find yourself surrounded by Team GO Rocket Leaders, you must use a Dark-type or a powerful Dragon type. If you have active Special Research, you can also use a Super Rocket Radar to find Giovanni. This Radar will show you the locations of decoy Grunts disguised as Giovanni, as well as Giovanni’s actual Hideout.

Shadow Persian

Shadow Latios is a powerful Pokemon that Giovanni can catch to defeat your team. It is weak to Rock, Bug, and Dragon type attacks. However, it is strong against Electric and Fighting types. If you want to avoid Giovanni’s Shadow Latios, consider switching out a Dragon-type Pokemon for one that is strong against Shadow. These Pokemon will deplete your team’s health quickly. You can also change rosters to beat Giovanni.

It is not recommended to use Persian against Fighting-type Pokemon because it will only deal super-effective damage. However, Persian is not weak against Ghost-type Pokemon. Its weakness is in Fighting-type Pokemon. So, if you want to defeat Giovanni using Shadow Lugia, you have to find a way to use other Fighting-type Pokemon against him. This is not a difficult task, as long as you’re aware of the type you’re facing.

Once you’ve figured out Giovanni’s weaknesses, it’s time to choose a Pokemon to counter them. The best Pokemon to use against Giovanni are those with high CP. Typically, you should use a Fighting-type Pokemon. Conkeldurr, Mewtwo, and Dialga are all strong Fighting-type Pokemon. Those two Pokemon will defeat Giovanni’s Persian in most cases.

As you’ve probably guessed, Team GO Rocket has a new boss in August 2022: the shadow version of the Legendary Pokemon, Persian. The shadow version of the legendary Pokemon is weak to all Grass and Water moves. You should use any Pokemon with these types of moves to counter his attacks and make your team’s life lower. When you’re using Shadow Rhyperior, it’s important to shield against the attacks of his Pokemon, since they’re often very strong against fast-move types.

A good way to deal with this Shadow-type Pokemon is to use Fairy-type Pokemon. If you can get rid of Giovanni’s Shadow Latias quickly, you can use a Fairy-type Pokemon to counter his Shadow Latias. A Fairy-type Pokemon will be useful against Giovanni’s Shadow Latias. But keep in mind that a Shadow-type Pokemon can be a challenge to defeat!

Taking the right counters is very important when facing Giovanni. If you aren’t sure which Pokemon will be best to use, you can also try using the Super Rocket Radar to track Giovanni. This device can be obtained from the Special Research rewards by defeating three Rocket bosses. Each boss will drop a piece of the Radar. Once you have assembled the radar, you can activate it. Shadow Lugia and Persian will be your team’s opponents.

If you are new to Pokémon Go, one of the hardest Team Go Rocket bosses is Giovanni. He has been around since the first game in the franchise. Since then, he has been tasked with keeping the Grunts in line, and has taken over the creation of Shadow Pokemon. While he can be troublesome, it’s also a great opportunity to get Shadow Latios.


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