If you’re curious about how to be a Pokemon Go master, read on! This article will share some advanced tips and tricks to make your Pokemon adventures more fun and rewarding. You’ll also learn how to organize your Pokemon and learn more about Mewtwo and Dialga. In addition, you’ll learn how to master Trainer battles and how to make your Pokemon more powerful and sprite-worthy.

Trainer battles

If you’re a trainer, you may be interested in tackling Trainer Battles. You can earn rewards regardless of whether you win or lose, and as you gain rank, your rewards will expand as you do. If you’re just starting out, it’s worth checking out the Premium Battle Pass, which allows you to enter the premium rewards track and reduce the number of battles needed to earn the coveted ‘Ace Trainer’ Medal.

Trainer battles are competitive online matches that allow you to battle other players. You can face Trainers in your area, or battle players from all over the world. You’ll be matched with other Trainers of a similar rank. You’ll never have to worry about facing an experienced Trainer, because you’ll be matched with those that are similar to yours. However, if you’re looking to earn a Master badge, you’ll have to master Trainer Battles.

In order to earn the Master badge, you need to earn a few experience points by defeating opponents in different leagues. For instance, you can use the Pokemon that have more CP, such as Squirtle. In Trainer Battles, you can use the Attack stat to your advantage. By using Charged Attack, you can force your opponent to use Protect Shield, which boosts your Pokemon’s speed.

To become the best in the Pokemon Go Battle League, you should spend plenty of time playing. It takes practice to get used to battling other people, so you should learn to pick a balanced team to avoid any problems. And don’t forget to keep your Pokemon’s CP in mind. That will help you become the ultimate Master in the game. You’ll be rewarded with a higher level of experience and power.

Organizing your Pokemon

If you want to organize your Pokemon cards, you can store them in a binder, card catalog, or box. You can also organize them by sets. Each card has a number, and you can use the number to organize them. Pokemon trainers use a special device called a Pokedex, which is a kind of dictionary for the game. This will allow you to find specific type combinations and find the right Pokemon quickly.

Another great feature of the game is the tagging system. This feature allows you to categorize your Pokemon into categories, and even add multiple Pokemon to a single tag. The tagging system is customizable, so you can easily find and tag the exact Pokemon you want. To do this, you simply choose a tag and name it, and then click “add to group.”

Another important feature in the game is the Field Guide, which allows you to keep track of your collection. This Field Guide also contains a checklist of all your Pokemon. It also emphasizes the social aspect of Pokemon, as it allows you to exchange trainer codes with other players, send gifts, and make new friends. In addition to collecting Pokemon, the Field Guide also allows you to advertise Pokestops in your area and meet new friends.


When you want to become a Mewtwo Pokemon Go master, you’ll need to understand its CP. At 4,178, it’s one of the most powerful potential CP Pokemon in the game. Attack is the strongest stat, but it also has a range of charged moves that aren’t necessarily effective against certain types. To help you learn this Pokemon, we’ve outlined the most important stats to improve with Mewtwo.

Psychic, Dark, and Ghost are Mewtwo’s weak points. Shadow Ball, Confusion, and Psystrike are the best movesets for Mewtwo in a Gym. They also rank high in PVP battles and are very effective against these types of Pokemon. The moveset highlighted in green has the most DPS per second, and they also benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, which means they deal 20% more damage than their opponents.

Focus Blast lets you quickly erase Dialga and Melmetal with one strike. It’s not uncommon to see Mewtwo using Shadow Ball to threaten opposing Pokemon. The Ice Beam zaps Steels, Dragons, and Yveltal. It’s an amazing all-around Pokemon. And you can’t miss with this pokemon. It’s an amazing beast with excellent coverage.

Shadow Ball: Another charge move that will boost your Mewtwo’s power is Psystrike. This attack is strong against both Ghost and Psychic Pokemon. If you can learn to use both Shadow Ball and Psystrike, you’ll be in great shape. And since these two attacks are the best combo, you’ll be able to annihilate opponents while not worrying about your energy.


As one of the best Pokemon in the Master League, Dialga is the undisputed king of the metagame. With two shields and a powerful Dragon Breath, this Legendary Pokemon can take down Fighting and Ground types in no time. Due to its steel typing, Dialga is also able to roll over the majority of Pokemon. To learn how to use Dialga in Pokemon Go, read the following guide.

While Dialga is the best Pokemon in the Master League, it’s important to keep in mind its weaknesses. While it has high stats, Dialga is susceptible to Fighting and Ground-type attacks, but it can still resist most types of attacks. Fairy-type Pokemon can cause normal damage to Dialga. Its CP is 4,038 and its attack is 229, making it an excellent choice to protect your Pokemon against powerful attacks.

If you want to maximize Dialga’s damage output, you’ll need to know how to use her three charged attacks. The weakest attack is Thunder, and the stronger one is Draco Meteor. Using Thunder increases Dialga’s damage output against Kyogre and Flying-types, but it doesn’t do nearly as much damage against the rest of the format. Finally, the CP of Dialga is too high to compete in the Great League, so make sure you have Best Buddied IVs ready to go.

Another great option for a Temporal Pokemon is Zekrom, which has similar stats to Dialga. It’s not a Dragon-type, but it does deal a lot of damage with its Fire-based moves, and it’s also resistant to Steel-type attacks. The good thing about Zekrom is that it has key wins against Kyogre and Metagross. Dialga’s Fast Move is Dragon Breath, which deals good STAB damage. And when it comes to Charged Moves, the best one is Crunch, and it’s also the cheapest.

Mewtwo’s attacks

Mewtwo is back in Pokemon Go as a five-star raid boss for a limited time. You can use one of two Charged Attacks against your opponents based on when you fight him. The charge of each attack will depend on the type of Pokemon you are fighting. However, you should know that both attacks are equally effective in killing your opponent. This Pokemon can do damage in PVE and Master League and is one of the most powerful in both modes.

If you’re looking for a Pokémon that can defend against Mewtwo’s attacks, you should use Tyranitar. This rock-type attack can be used in conjunction with legacy moves, such as Smack Down. Another rock-type Pokemon that you can use against Mewtwo is Rhyperior, a strong rock-type Pokémon. Its resistance to ghost-type attacks also makes it an excellent choice for PvP.

While Mewtwo does have a large pool of attacks, it is best to use one or two of these attacks in combination. These two moves are psystrike and shadowball, which both deal substantial damage. These moves are also good counters to Ghost and Bug types. Also, the Ice Beam is the best Ice-type attack in the game. However, you should also know that Shadow Mewtwo has two attacks.

Charged Attacks are best used when you have a Pokemon with a second attack. It is extremely powerful and can be used on any opponent. Using the second attack is recommended when you have Mewtwo with its second charged attack. In addition to this attack, Mewtwo also has a Charged Attack that can be used when your circle is full. If you have an opponent with a Charged Attack, make sure it is on the opposite side of the battle.


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