If you’ve ever wished to play your Destiny 2 game on another platform, then you’ll be happy to know that cross-save is now possible. Destiny 2 is cross-platform, meaning your progress is automatically transferred between different platforms. This means you can easily transfer your character, gear, weapons, loot, and even DLC, so that you can continue playing the game on the other platform. You can also cross-save between accounts, which means you can save your progress between both systems.

Cross-save in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Cross Save will finally come to PC after Gamescom 2019. Players have been asking for this feature ever since the PC launch, and it’s finally here. This new feature will make it possible for players to move across platforms and play the same game without reliving the same grind over. Here’s what you need to know about this new feature. Read on to learn more about this feature!

First of all, cross-save works in two ways. It’s possible to move your characters across different platforms, but you’ll need to select the account on the other platform before you move them. This won’t work unless you’ve already chosen the character you want to move. If you have two accounts linked, only one set of characters will be visible on each platform. However, you can keep all your characters across platforms by deactivating cross-save.

Unlike in most other games, cross-save is disabled for 90 days after the purchase. However, players can still use the same characters and items on two different platforms. However, you’ll have to remember to make sure you don’t cross-save while you’re playing Destiny 2 on PC. If you don’t want to lose your game progress, make sure you don’t disable cross-save until 90 days after the purchase.

Cross-save between Destiny 2 accounts

There are plenty of benefits to cross-saving between Destiny 2 accounts. This feature is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam), and Google Stadia. Unlike other games where you have to move your account, cross-saving means that your game progress and character will transfer over to the other platforms. This feature is also helpful for people who play Destiny on different platforms, such as PC players who want to play with their PS4 friends.

The launch date for Destiny 2 cross-save is August 21, and it will allow players to carry their Guardians across platforms without having to switch back and forth. It will also enable players to keep their gear, subclasses, and rewards across platforms. Players will be able to carry up to three characters from one platform to the other. This option can be turned on and off, though it is not a requirement. If you want to use cross-save features on more than one platform, you can enable this feature on each.

If you do not want to use Cross Save, you can disable it in your Bungie account and re-enable it later. However, you must wait 90 days before you can enable it again. While it may sound great, this option can be a little confusing at first. This feature is intended for players who use multiple accounts to play Destiny, but you need to be aware that there are some caveats.

Transferring your progress between platforms

Cross-platform play is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and allows you to take your progress from one platform to another. This means that you can play with your character from one console on the other and continue your progress on the main Guardians. However, you must follow the correct steps to set up your cross-platform play. Once you’ve finished the necessary steps, you can begin playing the sequel.

To begin transferring your progress between destiny character and destiny 2, you’ll need to sign into the game on the other platform. To do this, head over to Bungie’s website and sign in with the platform you want to extend to. Then, select the platform you wish to transfer your progress to. If you’re using Xbox Live, you’ll have to sign in with your PlayStation account. If you’re using a PlayStation account, you can use the same credentials to sign into the Xbox Live version of Destiny.

Once you’ve set up your account on the other platform, visit the Bungie website. Click the “Get Started” button. You can add as many platforms as you want, as long as you’ve set up all of the necessary account settings. To get started, you’ll need to authenticate your accounts on each platform and select your active character account. Then, follow the steps in the instructions to transfer your progress from one platform to another.

Limitations of cross-saving in Destiny 2

Although Cross-saving is a welcome feature, it has a few limitations. First and foremost, players must own separate copies of Destiny 2 for each platform. Until the game’s October 1 launch date, cross-saving support is unlikely to become common. Players are also unlikely to want to purchase separate copies of the game for each platform. In addition, players will be unable to continue their game where they left off. Despite its positives, Cross-saving will likely not be widely used until a later update for the game.

Another drawback to cross-saving is that the game requires the player to have the base version of the game. However, once the base game is available, players will be able to cross-save and join up with friends on either platform. This is convenient, because cross-saving allows players to try out new builds, classes, and even share rewards with friends. In addition, cross-saving is easy to set up.

Another limitation with cross-saving in Destiny 2 is that players are not able to merge two characters into one. For example, they cannot merge their characters from two Steam accounts or Xbox accounts. The first account will be the “active” one and will have access to the Guardians that are linked to their main account. This means that players will not be able to use the other accounts until they have completed their main account.

Cost of cross-saving in Destiny 2

The cost of cross-saving in Destiny 2 is currently unknown, but it will be available to everyone on the 21st of August. Players are encouraged to link their accounts and get their friends to transfer over. As long as they have active accounts on both platforms, they will be part of the same Clan. As a result, you will be able to interact with your fellow Guardians in all platforms.

While cross-saving is a good thing for players, the price will likely increase in the future. Players are able to save their progress on PC and then transfer it to their PS5. This feature is a great benefit to those who use a variety of platforms. In addition, cross-saving will allow players to transfer legacy processes from one platform to another. With these benefits, cross-saving in Destiny 2 is a must have feature.

Cross-saving will also allow players to access the same level and progress from one platform to another. Cross-saving will not remove any of your previous purchases, but will enable you to access your Collections and Guardians on different platforms. The cost of cross-saving in Destiny 2 will vary, but in most cases, it will be worth the extra cost. Once you’ve paid the price, you can enjoy cross-saving for as long as you want.

Requirements for cross-saving in Destiny 2

Requirements for cross-saving in the game Destiny 2 can be met by the following PC hardware. To enable cross-platform saving, you should first sign in on the Bungie website using the main Destiny 2 data platform. Once you have done that, you should select the platforms on which you’d like to save your game and then authenticate your accounts. You can choose up to three characters to cross-save to.

You’ll need a PC or laptop that supports 4K resolution. You can access Bungie’s Cross-Save sign-in page on the game’s website. Once you’ve signed in, make sure to sign in with your primary platform and the one you’re extending to. If you have a PlayStation account, you’ll need to sign in with it to cross-save to Xbox Live. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enjoy the game on either platform.

The first step in setting up cross-saving in Destiny 2 is to enable your online storage. Once you have enabled this option, you’ll be able to access your saved game and Guardians on your other platforms. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to play your favorite Guardians on whichever platform you like most. To prevent cross-saving from ruining your progress, you should check out the requirements for cross-saving in Destiny 2 on various platforms.


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